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Developing Your People With TTN

Management Development
Today’s management is all about performance and results. Management can be found in big corporation to government to non-governmental organization to military and self. Management is an organ that sits inside a body and cannot exist on its own. Although much has been theorize on management, many institutions including self faced with inability to harness the results from management. To be an effective executive (or manager), it is important to have knowledge, be discipline and focus on action. Those are elements of management. Above all successful executive is determined by its ability to use management as vehicle to achieve its goals – via purpose and mission.

Leadership Development
Also, Leadership theories are around us. When you Google “leader” you will get 571 million hits in 0.11 seconds. Effective leaders must be able to renew and reinvent themselves together with the organization they lead. What succeeded in the past decades may not work in the following decade. Leaders must also be able to draw learning from their past experiences; successes and failures. Leaders that never fail cannot be trusted, because it means they are always in the comfort zone. They will fail the entire organization without realizing it. So, how to create leaders that are adaptive to change, push the boundaries and yet has greater success rate?

At TTN, we draw management from various thoughts and ideas. Our vision is to make things happen for our customers in their organizations. For our Management Programs please see below.
Management Development Roadmap
Leadership Development Roadmap


Leading The Way To An Engagement Culture

A major Right Management study of engagement involving nearly 30,000 employees in 15 countries worldwide suggests that an organization’s culture can play a special role in driving engagement and that leaders can take many concrete steps to create a culture of engagement.
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HR Strategies

The cathedrals in Europe, the mosques in Asia and Africa, the Panama Canal, and the U.S. transcontinental railroad, for example, all emerged through the hard work and collective efforts of countless craftspeople and workers. These great structures all stand as testimony to human achievement. People can make a difference when they dare to believe in creating advantage for themselves, their communities, and their future.
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Analytics Fuel of Performance Management

Analytics-based business performance management is the foundation of business performance. More and more companies are realizing that an analytics platform is an essential performance management solution to couple strategy, process management, and operational systems with customized KPI models and an organization culture that fosters operational excellence.
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